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Weekend Boxing Round-Up

Friday 23rd April

Skydome, Coventry, United Kingdom

Rendall Munroe (GBR) beat Victor Terrazas (MEX) TKO 9

(WBC Super-Bantamweight Title Eliminator)

Saturday 24th April

MCH Messecenter, Herning, Denmark

Mikkel Kessler (DEN) beat Carl Froch (GBR) PTS

(WBC Super-Middleweight Title)

Sporthalle, Alsterdorf, Hamburg, Germany

Jürgen Brähmer (GER) beat Mariano Nicolas Plotinsky (ARG) TKO 5

(WBO Light-Heavyweight Title)

Centro de Usos Multiples, Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico

Jorge Arce (MEX) beat Cecilio Santos (MEX) KO 7


Citizens Business Bank Arena, Ontario, California, United States

Alfredo Angulo (MEX) beat Joel Julio (COL) TKO 11

(Interim WBO Light-Middleweight Title)

Thomas Adamek (POL) beat Chris Arreola (USA) PTS

(IBF International Heavyweight Title)

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  1. April 25, 2010 at 10:33 pm

    Good observations in my opinion and I agree with everything you say here John. I think Kessler was the better fighter and he hurt Froch as often as Froch hurt him, despite Froch’s claims to the contrary. I think 115-113 was about right and 117-111 is way off in my opinion. That said, it was Roger Tillerman who gave that score so I’m not entirely surprised. He was the ref who officiated Robin Reid’s fight with Sven Ottke a few years back in Germany and that really was the worst farce I have ever seen in a ring. If you are not familiar with the fight, check it out and I’m sure you’ll agree. When all is said and done though, I do think Froch lost and Rob McCracken’s look said it all.

    As for Kessler, I’ve seen a lot of him now and he’s good fighter. Typical European fighter with an upright stance and a great jab but he was dominated by Ward back in November and I’m not sure it will be any better for him next time out.

    Froch is still well in the Super 6 as everyone has now bunched together on 2 points (except Abraham who is on 3 and Green who is yet to score). I do feel unifying the division is a step too far as I don’t personally think Froch is a great boxer. What he is is a great fighter but he lacks technical skills and it is being exposed now at elite level. Dirrell made him look foolish last time out and if he’d attacked more, he would have won. He isn’t in Calzaghe’s league (except perhaps in his own mind) and his arrogant attitude has perhaps alienated the British public, which doesn’t tend to like that sort of thing. I mean Froch makes it look like Paulie Malignaggi lacks confidence. The Super-Mid division is massively underrated and the man perhaps holding all the cards is in fact Lucian Bute. He has a strap (IBF) and looks good. If he continues to win well and lets all the super 6 guys beat on each other, he’ll fancy his chances of beating the eventual winner.

    As for Munroe, a good gritty fighter who is a true working class hero. On the bins by day, pro boxer by night – a great story but I do fear he may come up short when he steps up. That said, 12 months ago Super-Bantam was a talent laden division in which he wouldn’t have had a prayer, but with the likes of Lopez, Cabellero, Rafa Marquez and Vazquez all moving up to featherweight, there has perhaps never been a better time to be a bantamweight

  2. John Platt
    April 25, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    Although I accept that Kessler’s superior work rate ensured he rightly won back his belt, it is with regret that I once again feel obliged to refer to the farsical scores submitted by the ‘impartial judges’.

    Call it sub conscious national bias on my part, or bold patriotism however there is no way MK was 6 rounds better on Saturday night. I by no means consider myself a Boxing expert, however my understanding is that ‘you go with the champ’ when offering the benefit of the doubt. Instead it seems 2 of the 3 judges went with the crowd & made the margin far too wide in what was an enthralling too close to call contest.

    This is not a new a problem for the sport, but in a title fight were margins are so fine, it can make or break a guys career & the governing bodies do not, in my mind do enough to tackle the problem.

    On a lighter note, this puts MK back on track & I feel the super 6 will boil down to his rematch with Ward, who looks like the shining light for the future of this weight division.

    As for Carl Froch, I don’t wish to speak to soon, however my gut feel is that unifying the weight class is a step too far for CF. True the Cobra has been a good fighter & largely underrated for large parts of his career, however its no coinsidence that the fame & fortune enjoyed by his nemesis Joe Calzaghe has evaded him. A worthy world champ but by no means a great & if CF had perhaps exerted himself on the British public in the way an equally limited boxing such as Ricky Hatton has, then he too may well have had his name up in lights before he’d taken too many punches. I wish him well for the rest of this engaging round robin, however his last 3 fights have been as bruising as they have career defining & I wonder how much is left in the tank for the Cobra.

    On the domestic front, nice to see Munroe will finally get his shot. A decent bloke who has done the hard yards & earned his shot. Again I have reservations of his abilities on the world stage, but British Boxing needs another working class hero & I wish ‘The Binman’ luck…

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