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Who will win the World Cup?

The World Cup is now less than one week away! The question on everybody’s lips is ‘Who will win it?’ Will the effervescent Diego Maradona lift the trophy as a manager just as he did as a player in 1986? Will Brazil’s new-found blend of efficiency and flair net them their sixth title? Can England finally deliver? Can France go one better than last time out and win the trophy? Will the Germans prove everybody wrong yet again? Can Marcelo Lippi’s men become the first nation to successfully defend the trophy since Brazil in 1962? Can the Netherlands finally shake the tag of perennial underachievers? Can Cristiano Ronaldo help deliver Portugal’s first major trophy or will Spain justify their place as pre-tournamnet favourites? Maybe you think another country will win, somebody unexpected. At Sport Report, we want your opinion so get voting!

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  1. June 10, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    It has been a bit over-dramatic like I say and I agree that we will have a great tournament still. There are, after all, still plenty of quality players on show. The issue I think is more to do with the teams that have lost key players (Nigeria and Ghana for example) and some of those who might (Ivory Coast) are the kind of teams that can’t really afford to lose top players as they lack strength in depth. As I mentioned in my last comment, I can’t see any of the African team doesn’t anything, simply not good enough in my opinion. But I like the vuvuzelas, it will be a shame to shut them up! That is what the world cup is all about, bringing the host nation’s culture to the party.

    p.s. I have tipped Brazil to win too

  2. Mark Faulkner (MF9)
    June 6, 2010 at 2:40 pm

    Every world cup springs a surprise lads, and i believe that this year, although they had an awful qualifying campaign, i think Argentina are in with a big shout! Nobody is going to want to play them, and they could boast Tevez and Higuain on the bench, not bad compared to us with Heskey!! Maradona is a dreadful coach, but he has been there and done it, and will know how to manage individuals throughout the biggest tournament!

    England, for me, do have a chance, people say that we wasted the ‘golden generation’ but in that period we had 11 individuals, whereas now, we may not have as a team player for player, but we are far more balanced. You look at the importance of Barry in the team, he allows Lampard and Gerrard to roam forward and they are not worrying about defensive duties much, which they are both terrible at anyway. There is no doubt about it though, we need Rooney to be on song. Although Ferdinand is a blow, Ledley King has more natural ability than any centre half in the country, we just need him to stay fit.

    I would have said Ivory Coast are dark horses, but without drogba they might struggle for firepower, still they have both Toures, Kalou and Zakora, all not bad footballers, and Sven always gets a team to gel quickly, he did it at City with a host of new players.

    Looking forward to seeing spain tho i must say, probably the most attractive footballing side in the world, their midfield on paper just overshadows any other!

    • June 6, 2010 at 2:50 pm

      Have to say Mark that I agree with almost all of this. Argentina scraped in, but that is in the past now and they definitely have the players to make an impact. Like you say, Tevez and Higuain could be on the bench and how many teams could afford to leave Cambiasso at home!? England do have a chance but we will be depedent on the likes of Rooney and Lampard. I like Ivory Coast and think they are easily the best African team in the tournament, but even with Drogba I think winning it is at least one step too far. I predicted that Spain would win Euro 2008 and everyone laughed. The team is for the most part unchanged, but my concern is that players like Iniesta, Xavi, Fabregas and Torres are, or have recently been, carrying injuries. In addition to this, a couple of key players, namely Casillas and Ramos have not had great seasons and I think Senna will be a huge miss for them in midfield as he gives Xavi, Iniesta etc licence to roam.

  3. Superiorraw
    June 6, 2010 at 1:50 pm

    are you certain that is the question on everyones lips right now? I thought the question was something like; Are we going to have enough players to put out a team?

    Everyone seems to be dropping like flies, I dont mean it to sound to dramatic but alot of top names that should be at the WC aren’t there. Which obviously then subtracts the quality of football we’ll see. I still think we’ll have a good tournament, theres enough talent on show I think for it to be a good tournament. Its just a shame that so many big names have already called foul and are out injured. :-/

    In some cases its not that they are injured they just havent been picked, with that said I think this presents the best opportunity for any African team now to stake their place in the final and go on to win it on home soil. South Africa looked very poor in the confeds cup, I dont think Ghana are as good without Essien and now Drogba is out for Ivory Coast? That really only leaves Nigeria and Cameroon. If Drogba would of been playing I’d of backed Ivory Coast to win.

    Now that plan is out of the window my money is on Nigeria if any African team can win it. Having said that its difficult not to look too far on past some of the others such as Uruguay and Netherlands. I think the 3 teams in general that are due a good tournament are Uruguay, Netherlands and Nigeria. I think it would be boring to see two heavy weights make the final again and go to extra time and penalties. With so many big names missing from this world cup, the outside teams will never ever have a better chance of a final!

    • June 6, 2010 at 2:03 pm

      Haha. It is a little over-dramatic to be honest but that is the way it has been reported. Drogba is only doubtful at this point, as are Pirlo and Robben and so we may see them in South Africa. They have not been unequivocally ruled out at this point and we must remember that. That said, Ferdinand and Mikel have been. I still think one of the big teams will win and I really don’t fancy the African nations personally. Ghana will definitely be weaker without Essien and if Drogba misses even one game, Ivory Coast will struggle as they are in a very tough group. I saw Nigeria in qualifying at the ACN in January – they were rank. They have changed manager though so we’ll see if that has made a difference. As for the Netherlands, they have a chance. They have quality players (even without Robben) and have a good blend of youth and experience. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go far

    • Chris
      June 10, 2010 at 12:59 pm

      Yeah have to disagree that there are loads of big names missing. When I can only think of Ferdinand, Essien, Nani, Cambiasso, Nasri and Beckham as those definately ruled out. I wouldn’t be too worried about a lack of quality in the tournament.

      I can really see not one African team making it past the groups. Will be a shame but maybe it will shut those trumpet things up.
      Cameroon are the only ones who could get out of their group for me, but I think Denmark will prove to be too solid for them.
      Nigeria are an old side that are past it.
      Ivory Coast without Drogba have nothing up front and have a tough group.
      Ghana depend on Essien.

      Dutch could do well.
      Germans will do well.
      Brazil to win.
      England out in quarters to the Dutch, or semis to Brazil.

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